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Rumi-VoiceJune is turning into another month of not writing much. I have another commitment with a FB group (hosting a daily thread), and for someone who essentially has no presence on social media outside this one group, I am spending all my free writing time on Facebook responding and encouraging those who comment. It is a completely different forum that my own blogging voice and being able to spread my wings and talk about things other than diet and exercise. I mean, I do and probably will spend a fair chunk of time talking about diet and exercise here as well, but it’s just different. The FB group has ownership and admins to police it (not that I would say or do anything that violates community standards). Here, I am my own admin and police myself. Heck, I might create some community standards just to willfully violate them.

Rebel without a point, that’s me.

In random reading of other blogs and comments, I find there is a slice of commenters taking exception with “tone” on certain blogs with disagreeable content. Maybe it’s political, frequently it’s social, or both as it relates to values and standards of behavior in polite society. This week alone I have read view that complain the blogger is condescending, dismissive, or just plain wrong in tone. I find it perplexing. I can certainly disagree with the view presented or dislike the particular writing style, but when someone I do not know if relating personal experiences or opinions, tone is frequently the furthest thing from my mind.

I tend to like what I like, and I read on a variety of topics that actually have little to do with my own life and times. M and I have a long-term (20 years married, nearly 27 together) and do not tend to take our marriage or each other for granted. Like normal people, we have our strengths and weakness as individuals, and those can carryover and create different strengths and weakness as a couple. For the most part we tend to complement each other, and the ways we are different, the things we have strong differences of opinion on, we talk about it and hammer out a compromise.

Yet I still read blogs on divorce and infidelity, because I have close friends enduring the former and/or struggling to understand and recover from the latter. I read blogs on budgeting, debt, finance, because I worry about money for a living. Marriage is always an interesting topic, as is just about anything to do with current state of the world. I enjoy the randomness of just browsing and seeing other perspectives and points of view. My favorite blogs are those with personal stories – most are just regular people living their lives and doing the best they can with the consequences of choices made in life. I like the humor, the candor, the gritty reality of the day-to-day business of living. No one I know leads the Pinsta-perfect life depicted in my admittedly very brief and very casual browsing of social media sites.

But I do not think I have ever thought of someone’s writing “tone” as condescending or offensive. That was a new one for me today and gives me something else to think about while reading.

I expect – or at least I hope – to be back to regular posting soon. Until then, I read where I can and ponder other perspectives. Not much content to see here today, but I wish you all a Happy Thursday.


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